An Important Way of Increasing Blog Loading Time

An Important Way of Increasing Blog Loading Time

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Talking about the income part of bloggers, to earn more money from blogs, many bloggers allow the permission of advertisements on their blogs. Yes, there is a chance of income from these advertisements, but, till a level it is okay. After that, it may become a back firing factor in your blogs. Stay tuned to know what advertisements can do and what we can do in turn for a solution.

Reducing Advertisements Equals to Increasing Loading Speed of Blogs

Advertisements are one major reason for slowing down the loading speed of your blogs. There are no other effects of advertisements. But, it may not sound very dangerous, then how can it back fire? Well, if your blogs start loading slower and slower, there are high chances that very soon you might start losing your number of readers. This will in turn start decreasing your number of visitors and correspondingly decrease the amount of money coming into your pocket from your blogs.

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Then what can be done? No one is saying to stop the advertisements completely as allowing advertisements are seriously a good way to earn extra. But, what you can do is minimize the number of advertisements. Keep a limitation. This is will not affect your blog’s loading time much and will also keep your readers happy.

To know more about how many advertisements and other studies regarding adding advertisements to your blogs, you can click here at and get to know all the necessary required details.

Now, it is totally up to you what you want. Would you risk it and allow maximum number of advertisements on your blogs to earn more by clicking here or would you like to play it safe with minimizing the number of advertisements and keeping your readers happy and looking at the bigger picture. Don’t be greedy! Greed can lead you to loss!

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