How to Create Engaging Video Content on Instagram

How to Create Engaging Video Content on Instagram

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Video content is now the rave of the moment. And so many Instagram marketers have taken the bulls by the horn to develop high quality videos for their promotional campaigns. This is certainly the right way to go. But there are ways to engage with audiences viewing video more, and that is exactly what we will be discussing here.

Set clear goals

Behind everything, there must be a goal. Something you want to achieve. Great videos do not need more than a minute to tell a compelling story. To do this, it may be very challenging. This is why you need to make out plans on the best strategy to employ when creating the right videos. What is the primary objective? Is it driving traffic to your site? Is it gaining more followers? Or are you looking to establish a relationship with your followers?   Your goals for creating videos will help you focus on the most important aspect of the video. It will help you channel your creativity to the specific needs of the audience.

Light up the video

The quality of your video will go a long way to determine how it impacts the audience. Try to create videos that are extremely bright and well lit. you can create portrait-style videos in certain instances. These types make it easy to utilize lighting effects to your advantage. If your videos are bright enough, they can captivate your audience and gain you more followers in the process.

Sneak Previews

Introductory videos are great information dispensers. You can create an introductory video to inform you audience about the main upcoming videos. This helps lure your readers’ interest and get them ready for the main video. Sneak previews can be very effective when you do them well. This type of video will be ideal if you have a new product you want to launch. You can introduce the product in the sneak preview in a way that our audience will be eager to see the product.

Tell a story

So many popular brands include Instagram stories as one of their main core of marketing. Everybody loves stories. And it is one of the new ways you can draw people’s attention. Stories are perfect ways of reaching your audience. When you place these stories, add geolocation and hashtags to increase your base.

Select the right shots

Some marketers make the mistake of making their Instagram videos a bit too long. This may become boring to the audience. Instead, select specific shooting sections you feel will be more captivating to the audience. It’s not really about the length of the video, but the value of the content to the audience. As long as you are able to capture the most interesting section within a minute, you’ve done the job.

Finally, you can use the latest video editing software to improve the overall quality of your videos. This will help your Instagram videos stand out among others, which translates into more audience and improved reputation.

Video is Here to Stay!

Just take a look at what Facebook and YouTube are doing with video these days. It’s now the life and blood of nearly everything on the internet. If you aren’t taking advantage of what video has to offer and how it can help grow your business by leaps and bounds, you are missing out big time.

Take a moment to reflect back on the data points and working methods above, then apply them to your own video creation and marketing efforts.

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