Huawei PC assistant for Mac

Huawei PC assistant for Mac

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Huawei is a Chinese telecommunications company which is the largest manufacturer of telecommunication based devices. The company is known manufacturing Android based smart phones has foothold in more than 170 countries and has setup R&D centers in 16 countries including China, India, USA.

In the age of Smartphone and tablets, it has become extremely important to safeguard your data. In case your device gets stolen or is lost, then your data may be lost forever. So , to prevent this situation , it is better to make a backup of your data on your desktop PC or laptops. This function of creating backup of your data on another device is called Synchronization. The most popular software for synchronizing data for Mac is SyncMate which provides easy and secure synchronization. SyncMate allows easy synchronization between your Huawei device and Mac if the device runs on android 4.X.X and higher.

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By Using Huawei Sync for Mac, you can easily synchronize data and files between your Huawei devices easily. Your data will be safe and secure on your backup device .Once you install the app on your pc it will automatically sync your data such as contact, calendars, browser bookmarks , Messages, Call History and media files like music, photos, videos etc. when you connect your device. You can organize your files with only few clicks.

Benefits Of Using SyncMate Huawei sync for Mac

  1. It allows syncing personal files like contacts, calendars and Reminders smoothly.
  2. Syncing of media files is also possible.
  3. You can create, view, send and export messages from your device to Mac directly.
  4. It also allows mounting the device as Mac Disk and you can browse your files and folders.
  5. It syncs both smart phones and tablets with Mac.

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