John Barksdale Gives Pointers on How To Market One’s Business

John Barksdale Gives Pointers on How To Market One’s Business

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Marketing is the procedure of executing and planning the pricing, conception, distribution and promotion of your goods, ideas or services to gratify the needs of individual customers or firms. Almost every business requires marketing to market their products and services successfully. Marketing is in fact a critical tool for enticing new customers, establishing alertness and building long-lasting relationships. When done in the right way, marketing can help to augment sales as well.

John Barksdale provides tips on how to market the business

John is the visionary and creative genius and the founder of iAM Marketing. A preferred motivational speaker, mentor, published author, international businessman, and marketing guru, Mr. Barksdale started in the industry when he was just thirteen years old. Over a period of time John Barksdale gained knowledge and experience in the industry and these days entrepreneurs like to take advices from him when it comes to marketing their businesses.

Following are some of the tips provided by John Barksdale to market the business:

  • Market research is a vital part that can help to develop market strategy. It is about gathering information that offers an insight into the clients buying patterns, thinking, and location. Additionally, market research can also help a person to take on an early sales forecast, keep an eye on market trends and look after what the competition is doing.
  • It is important to understand the USP of the business. A USP is the exclusive reason the customers buy from them and not from competitors and this makes their business to stand out from the crowd. It is vital to define what they do in a different way and be able to communicate that to prospective customers.
  • A business owner must know how to profile the target market. It is important to keep in mind that promoting the product or service to one and all can be expensive and futile; therefore, it is always better to group or segment the potential customers based on definite distinctiveness as this will help to focus the marketing efforts. The segmentation can be done based on location, demographics, and lifestyle of the customers.
  • Each business, irrespective of size, may need a brand as a brand is more than a color, logo or tagline. A well-spoken brand expressively connects with the intended customers and conveys important facts about the company.
  • The next most important thing that one will need to do is to select the marketing paths. Even though there are lots of options available, one must take into consideration the target audience.
  • Set up goals as this will assist a person to define what they want to get through the marketing activities.

These are some of the simple steps to marketing the business.

John Barksdale comes from a family of one sister and seven brothers, where the sense of liability was instilled in him when he was very young. As of now, John Barksdale leads with the panache that goes beyond the business field as a result of his expertise in direct sales, technology, marketing, and manufacturing.

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