Promoting your crowdfunding campaign to the press

Promoting your crowdfunding campaign to the press

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The power of the press is unmatched. Whether you are an NGO, or a social enterprise raising money in the crowdfunding India world, effective media coverage has the influence of shaping the way people look at you and your organization. If the press coverage about your crowdfunding India campaign is positive, it can draw in lots donors to help you achieve your fundraising goal. A good way to start is by organizing an event. You can get as creative as you like with it – it could be a marathon for cancer survivors, or a day to feed stray animals. So here are some effective tips to grab media attention.

Organize a press release

A press release is a very formal and official media event. It involves inviting various news channels, and newspapers to a location, where you will provide relevant information about who you are, what your mission is, your event, and why you need funds. A press release should be treated very formally, and the tone of your content should be objective and unbiased. Ensure that you set aside some time at the end of it to answer any questions that the media personnel may have.

Select an influential spokesperson

A valuable and respected spokesperson is a very unique way to break a story. Your spokesperson should ideally be an influential personality who has the ability to draw attention to him or herself. This could be a celebrity that endorses your cause, a sportsman, or a politician. As long as your spokesperson is articulate and able to convey the key message to the right press, it will add value to your campaign.

Add a strong human interest angle

People always connect to the human angle in any situation. You can tell them what inspired you to start it, how many lives you want to change, the background of your cause, of even the volunteers who are part of your journey. A strong human interest story will not only bring your organization goodwill and reputation, but it will also add a persuasive emotional angle in mobilizing people to donate to your initiative.

Maintain good relations with journalists

Through the platform of print and TV news, the press can reach millions of people at the same time. Therefore they have the power to make or break the success of your fundraising event. It is imperative for the sake of your organization that you stay in their good books by maintaining cordial and respectful relations with them.

Exploit the benefits of social media

There are many alternative ways that people today absorb information. Needless to say that the most effective way is social media. If you can leverage the influence of social media to promote your fundraising event, it will bring you lot of attention from the right audiences. Your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+. Exploit the possibilities of sharing, liking, and hashtagging popular media handles.

For your next crowdfunding India campaign with Impact Guru, be sure to employ these tips to promote your campaign to the press.

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