The man made source to gain electricity – inverter/charger

The man made source to gain electricity – inverter/charger

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As the natural source of generating electricity like coal is becoming extinct, the new ways to source electricity are being innovated. Inverter/charger is one of the man made source through which electricity can be generate. Inverter/ charger are of vital use in such places where electricity supply is in shortage and the places where days are short. The inverter is used as backup power for your house if in the event grid goes out. Pure sine inverter charger, split phase inverter charger, 2phase inverter charger, hybrid inverter charger are the inverter/chargers that are commonly used by the people today.

Sine wave inverter

An inverter converts DC to AC by switching process which produces manufactured AC. There are two forms of the inverter; they are modified sine wave and pure sine wave. The pure sine wave inverters are the efficient source to run the electronic gadgets, motors and AC pumps. There are less chances of problem through this inverter and can be easily charged using pure sine wave inverter charger. Sine wave inverters are superior in quality and performance

How sine wave inverter is better than the square wave inverters?

  1. Sine wave inverter is based on new technology whereas; the square wave is based on the old technology.
  2. In Sine wave inverter, there is less humming noise from the electrical appliances as compared to square wave inverter
  3. Sine wave inverter provides the same current as that of the power grid whereas the current generated by square wave inverter is different and can be harmful for the electronic devices, induction based applications and motors
  4. The sine wave inverter produces the output voltage within the voltage limit, whereas the square wave inverter produces the output voltage above the voltage limit.
  5. Most of the branded stabilizers and UPS of the compact computers do not support the wave form of the square wave inverters but the Sine wave inverter can support all the branded stabilizers and UPS of the computer
  6. You can safely use the electrical appliances through Sine wave inverter rather than square wave inverter.

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