Top Attractions When Visiting New York

Top Attractions When Visiting New York

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New York City is not only the largest city in the United States (and one of the largest and most populous in the world) but is a major tourist destination for visitors from around the world. Nicknamed “The Big Apple” as well as “The City That Never Sleeps,” there are many attractions that get well-deserved attention, and you could visit this big city a dozen times and still never experience everything there is to see and do. If you’re going on a long-term road trip, make sure to get a good deal on your RV rental and find the best place to camp outside the city so you can get a bit of peace while resting, but also jump right onto their famous public transportation to get you right into the mix of things.

The Statue of Liberty

Is there any more iconic attraction that represents America and the nation’s ideals than the Statue of Liberty? A gift from France in the late 1880s, this incredible landmark stands at a touch under 155 feet and is located on an island coming into Manhattan harbor to be the first sign of greeting that many would see when coming in by ship.

This is an incredibly popular attraction and one you need to plan ahead if you want the up close tours and viewings. Even getting a clear sight from the shores of Battery Park requires buying tickets ahead of time. However, if you are going to visit The Big Apple then you need to make sure the statue of Lady Liberty is one of your stops – especially your first time visiting.

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The Empire State Building

Long one of the tallest buildings of the world, while many other nations have built taller skyscrapers in recent decades, it doesn’t change the impressive stature of the Empire State Building. Seen by many as a perfect beginning or end to a New York adventure, try to catch the building on a good weather day that offers clear views for as far as the eye can see.

Not only is the famed viewing area at the top well worth the views and experience by itself, but the multi-media tour allows you to visit multiple exhibits and really get into the history and wonder of the building that only deepens your appreciation and the rich fullness of the overall experience.

The Famed Central Park

Almost certainly the most famous in-city park in the world, New York City’s massive Central Park is worth a visit. A remarkable 843 acres of gardens, running and biking trails, this is an incredible park that is home to Shakespeare performances, theaters, a diverse array of wildlife, and offers plenty to do whatever the season. Truly a can’t miss attraction in the city…too bad there’s not a place to set up that RV rental!


While some people believe off Broadway is trendier right now, are you really going to visit the Big Apple without taking in a show at arguably the most famous theater district in the world? A definite must visit on the list.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

There are many incredible museums in just New York City, but this is one of the most famous of them all. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the most respected art museums in the entire world and will always have a remarkable collection of various artistic works that make the visit well worth it. Get lost for an entire day checking out this museum’s absolutely incredible collections and masterpieces that many of the best artists in the world have blessed humanity with.

The Rockefeller Center

Especially popular in winter, The Rockefeller Center is home to the large outdoor skating rink that NYC is famous for in the winter, as well as being a large shopping and entertainment complex in Manhattan. Fans of Saturday Night Live (SNL) will recognize this as the place where filming takes place. A large sculpture of Atlas is remarkable in and of itself as he holds up the world in front of the International Building.

There is a lot here to see and do, and the Rockefeller Center has a unique New York vibe during all seasons – but winter is an especially good time if you want to show off what you can do on ice skates. Make sure to include this on the list of attractions you will want to check off The Big Apple bucket list.

Enjoy the Big Apple

Taking care of the long checklist of things to do in NYC will definitely take time, but with so many awesome sights and experiences just waiting for you, it’s about the most wonderful way you can imagine spending time. While your RV rental will likely need to stay outside the city proper to help you save on hotel rates, you won’t be disappointed with the overall holiday when you get to experience first-hand everything that this incredible and unique city has to offer. you can check here : Personal Contract Hire Audi A1.

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