Use high key lighting to add brightness to your picture

Use high key lighting to add brightness to your picture

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Shooting pictures in a studio comes with its advantages. It gives the photographer complete control of the type of lighting they wish to use. The outdoor shoot may give you natural light, but it is very difficult to use artificial light in an outdoor shoot. Hence, many time photographers rely on studios for photo shoots. However, to get the desired lighting in the studio is not easy. You have to configure various setups to get effects you are willing to create.

What is the high key lighting?

High key photography makes use of modern lighting techniques. White backgrounds are the preferable choice for high key photography. It helps the photographer to eliminate the shadows from the subject. It expresses the mood of the picture with less variation in the brightness of the scene.

High key lighting refers to the light which is the main light with high power lighting in comparison to the other lights for photo shooting. It is used to shoot pictures sans shadows. It is mostly used to create portrait type pictures. It gives the picture a vibrant look without any dramatic effect. It is also used to differentiate the subject from any kind of distractions and gives the picture a friendly feel.

Reasons to use high key lighting

  • High key lighting has a fresh feel to it. The picture looks raw and fresh. As it is shot at the studio, the effects of lighting create a unique background texture that compliments the subject.
  • High key lighting helps you to differentiate the main subject from the ground. High key lighting has the ability to attract the eyes of the audience to the main subject.
  • The use of white background gives your picture a contrast effect. It also gives your picture a very sophisticated and formal look.

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