What are the Advantages of Using IAST Security

What are the Advantages of Using IAST Security

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Application Security is increasingly becoming an integral part in software and programming developments. As the internet and technology becomes tremendously advanced, applications are becoming more exposed to security flaws today, than they were before.

In case, you still undermine the importance of application security, here are a few reasons why you should consider embracing a clear approach towards the implementation of application security technology:

  1. Your company itself is a valuable “piece of information”.

Think about your company’s product information even the logo patent, designs, and plans which can be used by malicious users for their benefit or even against you. Hackers can also gain access to your company’s financial information and customer information which can result to serious liabilities or even business losses.

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  1. Protecting your customer’s information is your primary responsibility.

Your customers are entrusting their personal data to your company. Hence, it is now your obligation to safeguard these information as if they are your own. You wouldn’t want hackers to gain access to your customer’s credit card information, such can lead to legal consequences and loss of customer trust.

  1. Security threats have the potential to hamper your business operations which can greatly impact your company income and even damage your company’s reputation.

The good news is that, there are now wider options available to enhance application security. More application security features and tools are now developed that offers efficient solution to mitigate security threats and even detect them before they can do harmful consequences to your system.

What is IAST Security

One of the emerging technology in application security that is now becoming widely used is IAST Security. For those unfamiliar about IAST, it stands for Interactive Application Security Testing. This security method employs the use of DAST or “Dynamic Application Security Testing” as well as RASP or “Runtime Application Self-Protection”.

With the use of IAST Security, security has become easier to implement such that it offers advanced and automatic procedures that thoroughly examines the codes to ensure that various security vulnerabilities and code errors are detected early on. IAST evaluates and conducts analysis to the program while it runs.

One of the best example of IAST technology is the application security solution offered by a lot of the top companies. True to its promise to deliver superior standards in the application security platform, they have developed an IAST technology that would allow continuous and dynamic testing of application security which guarantees real time results, smooth operation and exceptional accuracy.

What are the Advantages of Using IAST Security

  1. It has the ability to provide enhanced code-level visibility to expose vulnerable codes and offer suggestions to remedy the code issue.
  2. Faster testing.

IAST utilizes advanced technology and can thoroughly check large apps in just a few hours or even for minutes only.

  1. It enables seamless operation.

IAST is purely automated and does not require manual work. It can impressively see through information directly during runtime and is readily able to find efficient solutions to the coding and security issues.

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