What Is Information Governance?

What Is Information Governance?

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In the last few years, Information Governance has gone on to become the most popular buzzword across the world. However, it still remains the most under-stated and unexplored concepts around and this piece of information will help you understand Information Governance in an easy way.

Information Governance can be described as a top-down and strategic approach to manage different aspects of information within an organization, in accordance with the strategic and predefined objectives. It is worthwhile to note here that Information Governance provides the processes, systems, and framework to ensure that the informational value is optimized and risks are reduced.

The stakeholders of Information Governance include external as well as internal entities such as internal data users, risk and compliance teams, information professionals, legal and statutory bodies, and executive and board members. This strategic discipline is a subset of Corporate Governance and is all about aligning information management with business processes and strategies. Information Governance considers all forms of information, whether structured like database and unstructured such as emails and documents.

One of the biggest benefits of Information Governance is that facilitates improved decision making that is critical to competitive and business advantage. It proves helpful to recognize information as a critical and strategic asset and provides a strategic and efficient framework to make sure that technology investments are always aligned with the strategic priorities and objectives of an organization. Furthermore, it is also helpful to provide improved accountability for information that assists the executives and the Board to identify, formulate, and execute strategic oversight of the cost, risk, and value associated with the information of the organization.

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